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Guest Speakers

Rev. Bob Brach, Unity Ordination Sacramento
Rev. Margie Brach, Unity Ordination Sacramento
Rev. Dinah Chapman, Unity Ordination San Leandro
Rev. Verona Garland, CSL Ordination Oakland
Robert Hardy, LUT Walnut Creek
Dave Lyman, Interfaith Minister Carmichael
Rev. Sheila Johnson-Ford, Unity Ordination Stockton
Rev. Merry Ann Kain-Friend, Unity Ordination Sacramento
David McNair, LUT Napa
Ron Salazar, LUT Walnut Creek
Rev. Larry Schneider, Unity Ordination Northern Nevada, Bay Area
Rev. Joe Slone, Unity Ordination West Central Region
Rev. Sonya Milton, Unity Ordination Napa
Rev. Carolyn Warnemuende, Unity Ordination Sacramento

Disruptive Behavior Policy

This policy was developed to allow ministries to settle disruptive behavior situations within the ministry itself without going to UWM for a review. Your West Central Region and UWM are always there to advise and support. Situations that are resolved by the ministry itself are likely to be stronger, more lasting, and less confusing to the congregation.

Some situations need outside help. When that is realized, you can contact our Regional Consultant, Rev. Joe Sloan or our Regional Representative, Rev. Vickie Elder for advice. Rev Joe is available to walk you through the Policy if you need help.

Disruptive Behavior Policy 2020