Regional Representative

The Regional Representative and Ministry Consultant are appointed by the Regional Board of Trustees, having met the required qualifications of Unity Worldwide Ministries for Regional Representatives. The positions may be filled by one person or two, as determined by the WCR Board. When there are two individuals, the Regional Ministry Consultant works in cooperation and coordination with the Regional Representative, and together they provide consultation to ministries, ministers and spiritual leaders within the West Central Region, as well as to the WCR Board, regarding UWM policies.

The Regional Representative Duties to Unity Worldwide Ministries include:

  • Serving on UWM Standards Ministry Team and makes recommendations to UWM’s board
  • Acting as consultant to Ministries and Ministers throughout the WCR regarding ministry mangement
  • Providing Board training, conflict resolution, and mediation
  • Supporting the paths to ordination, new expansion ministries, and the ministry life-cycle

Regional Representative

Rev. Vicky Elder

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