Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.)

Uniteen/YOU Mini Rally

A Spiritual Retreat for Youth Ages 14-18

Saturday, March 4, 2023, 10-4:30

Unity of the Valley
350 N. Orchard Ave
Vaccaville, CA


YOU Mini Rally is a 1-day communion with Spirit. Activities include large group workshops, small group discussions, singing, meditation, dancing, prayer and vespers.

OUR PURPOSE: The purpose of Mini Rally 2023 is to connect through a shared sense of excitement and create an uplifting spiritual experience.

HOSTS: KiKi Crawford, Becky McPhee – 2022-23 Regional Team

COST: $50 per person, includes lunch & all event materials

ELIGIBILITY: age requirement to attend: YOUers must be at least 14 years old [or in ninth grade] & no more than 18 years old [or high school senior].


Uniteens from the region who are between the ages of 11-13 years old are also welcomed and encouraged to attend. We understand there is a lack of developed Uniteen programs throughout the region, and the vision is this event will help jumpstart programs throughout the region. It is because of this that we are opening this event up to those who may not attend an official Uniteen program but have a desire to develop spiritually, and Directors, Ministers or Sponsors feel would benefit from attending, and would be an integral part of their chapter if one existed.

Participants are individuals who have demonstrated maturity, self-discipline & self-responsibility. Rally is for people who have a sincere desire to learn more about Truth and are willing and able to contribute by actively participating in Rally activities. It is recommended that those attending Rally have an understanding of how a typical Y.O.U. Sunday service and/or Unity Sunday Service functions.

Group Assignments are random. In your family group, you will have an opportunity to learn about yourself and others and make lasting friendships.

Registration is complete only with required authorizations.

  • Large group workshops
  • Small group discussions
  • Singing
  • Meditation
  • Dancing
  • Prayer
  • Vespers

For more information, contact:
Mike Gomez
(707) 301-0960

Youth Of Unity

The Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) is an international youth group for teens that encourages and assists in their spiritual growth, creating connections, and expressing their authentic selves. Our West Central Youth of Unity hosts regional Leadership Retreats and weekend Rallies, bringing teens together from across northern California and Nevada to create a safe space for teens to discover their spiritual magnificence. Y.O.U. is youth directed and adult guided and a place where you can come as you are and be accepted.

The Y.O.U. Consultant duties include:
  • Creating and teaching programs designed for spiritual, emotional and leadership growth for our teens, including Youth Leadership trainings.
  • Leading weekend educational rallies.
  • Holding regular planning meetings with the current YOU officers.
  • Working with the Chief Administrative Officer to ensure swift payment of event deposits,
    reimbursements, fees, etc.
  • Being available to any ministry in the West Central Region that wants specific training for their youth or youth ed teachers.
  • Attending West Central Region board meetings when requested (non-voting participant).

Contact your YOU Representative

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