Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.)

Youth Of Unity

The Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) is an international youth group for teens that encourages and assists in their spiritual growth, creating connections, and expressing their authentic selves. Our West Central Youth of Unity hosts regional Leadership Retreats and weekend Rallies, bringing teens together from across northern California and Nevada to create a safe space for teens to discover their spiritual magnificence. Y.O.U. is youth directed and adult guided and a place where you can come as you are and be accepted.

The Y.O.U. Consultant duties include:
  • Creating and teaching programs designed for spiritual, emotional and leadership growth for our teens, including Youth Leadership trainings.
  • Leading weekend educational rallies.
  • Holding regular planning meetings with the current YOU officers.
  • Working with the Chief Administrative Officer to ensure swift payment of event deposits,
    reimbursements, fees, etc.
  • Being available to any ministry in the West Central Region that wants specific training for their youth or youth ed teachers.
  • Attending West Central Region board meetings when requested (non-voting participant).

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